Performance Analysis

StockWhip 2.1.6

StockWhip 2.1.6: Stock portfolio management, performance and risk analysis, watchlists, reports performance figures over multiple time periods for each month of operation in comparison with an index of your choice. It supports watchlists to track arbitrary lists of stocks and can suggest entry points and portfolio weightings according to risk analysis. It can generate reports on your income and capital gains for tax reporting for any period of choice. Dividends, interest and cash injections and withdrawals are all factored into performance

MVPspc 20110201: MVPspc is an easy-to-use SPC charting and analysis program.
MVPspc 20110201

MVPspc is an easy-to-use SPC (Statistical Process Control) charting and analysis program. This program is extremely flexible, providing analysis not available in any other SPC package. This is a great off-line SPC package for students, teachers, quality engineers and industrial researchers.

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Network Traffic Monitor Analysis Report 7.1: Network traffic monitor, usage & performace analysis and reporting
Network Traffic Monitor Analysis Report 7.1

performance, bandwidth usage, and security reasons; Analyzing network traffic to trace specific transactions or find security breaches; Monitor employee Internet access, email communication and other transactions to enforce company policies. Generate reports on network usage and statistics for network performance review and planning, network auditing and many other purposes. Comprehensive FeaturesReal-time packet capture and analysis over both Ethernet

network security, network traffic, sniffer, troubleshooting, packet analyzer, monitoring, protocol decode, network monitor

xlDEA 2.1: Perform Data Envelopment Analysis in MS Excel - with customizable  Flash charts.
xlDEA 2.1

Analysis (DEA) is a powerful method widely used in the evaluation of performance of Decision Making Units (DMUs). These can be business units (for example points of sales, bank branches, dealers, franchisees), government agencies, police departments, hospitals, educational institutions, and even people (DEA has been used in the assessment of athletic, sales and student performance). xlDEA provides this sophisticated analysis in the most suitable

benchmarking, decision making units, data envelopment analysis, business units

Business Forecast Software 1: Business forecast software with sensitivity analysis and up to 10 year forecast.
Business Forecast Software 1

performance with basic financial data (Revenue, Variable and Fixed Costs) to forecast business revenue, costs and profit. By uniquely applying your intuitive business and market knowledge a business forecast for up to 10 years with sensitivity analysis is developed. Business Forecast Software is easy to use, it runs in your web browser just like a web page, and is available for free trial. It generates a forecast to assess business performance for

business forecast, businesssoftwaremanagement, business projection, business budget

Business Valuation Model Excel 60: Business valuation, 3 year forecast, calculated valuation and investment return.
Business Valuation Model Excel 60

performance forecast with sensitivity analysis, investment return, and a business valuation. It is compact, easy to use, and requires minimal inputs. Outputs include a 3 year performance forecast with the ability to apply Sensitivity Analysis and produce Optimistic, Expected and Pessimistic forecasts. A Return on Investment and Business Valuation are provided for each forecast. Outputs are presented in tabular and graphical form. The model is easy

value, model, valuation, sell, forecast, excel, establish, business, price, bizpep, performance

Portfolio Performance Monitoring 2.0: Monitoring and tracking the performance of a portfolio of financial assets.
Portfolio Performance Monitoring 2.0

The Portfolio Performance Monitoring template enables the ongoing monitoring and periodic valuation of a portfolio of financial investments. The model allows the entering of investment transactions during a reporting period to calculate performance. Furthermore, incremental investment transactions undertaken during a period are fully accounted for in the period`s performance calculations.

market, shares, investments, money, stocks, bonds, business, transactions, personal, portfolio, wealth, valuation, analysis

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